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Two years today you have been gone from my life. Two years since you took away a part of my heart. One fateful morning two years ago, I walk into your room and you just didn’t look right. I rushed you to the vet and they told me you were dying. How can you possibly be leaving me, you who are so linked to my life? How can I still be me, and do the things I do for the ’cause’ without you? 

You sent me these four babies, I am sure to ease my pain and keep my going. Spikey, who looks so spookily like you, sometimes I turn and he is looking at me and I think Tardy! Can you possibly be visiting me through him? Luna who is so clownish, is that to keep me entertained so I don’t cry all the time? Leaf and Fern, oh how you would have loved these little girls. I know Ziggy still misses you, you would be so proud of him. I truly think you helped teach him to be a better feline. Thank you for that, he was a terror : )

Does it hurt any less two years later? No. I still expect to see you every morning when I open up the wobbler door. Still expect to see you curled up on the bed during the afternoon. Will I ever got over missing you, never. You were (are) so much a part of my life. Two years gone and I still sit here looking at your pictures and sobbing. 

You changed my life for the better, Tardy, and I sure hope you are looking at me and saying, I knew great love, mommy cat. What more can any of us ask for in life than feeling pure unconditional love. And that is exactly how I love my little Tardy. 


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